It’s grown to become an iconic wonder of the trail running scene and already labelled as one of the TOP 10 hardest 200 milers in the WORLD along with one of the MUST DO ultra marathons in the Southern Hemisphere!

It’s not often that one gets to tackle something so unique, full of so many ups and downs, mind blowing scenery that changes every few kilometres, visit trails not frequented, face unpredictable weather, share this experience with like minded runners, volunteers, crew and family and jam pack this all into one week long adventure that is truly unforgettable.

The Delirious WEST 100 & 200 Miler will have you crying, will have you elated, will test your resolve and strengthen your abilities. And the one thing we promise – it will grow your soul.

170 or 340 kilometres of jaw dropping ocean cliffs, relentless dunes, skyscraper high forests, treetop walks, racing for the shuttle buses, jet ski rides, squeaky clean beaches and all along the world famous Bibbulmun Track between Northcliffe and Albany.

Mark this week in your calendar, because this adventure, this challenge, this shared experience, will sit deep within your soul, FOREVER, as you become one of the very fortunate few to tackle the Southern Hemisphere’s very first point to point 200 miler.


Entries into this life changing, soul defining and truly a destination adventure, the Delirious West 100 & 200 Miler are now open.

This will be a week of your life that will be with you forever. You’ll traverse trails that through virtually untouched locations, see wildlife that rarely sees human life, and be blown away by the sheer beauty of nature.

You’ll be humbled by volunteers that can’t do enough to help. You’ll be proud at just how far you can push. You’ll have wars with your mind and you’ll conquer the darkest depths with the highest of highs.

Life long friendships will be made. You’ll share many a kilometre alongside other runners, say very few words and yet have the most amazing mutual understanding of just why few words are being sent.

It’s not easy. Definitely not easy. But you can do this, becuase we put everything in place to help you get to that Albany finish line.

Create your own path. Write your own destiny.


A 100 & 200 miler point to point event is logistically a monumental ultra on its own, and yet each year, we have masses of volunteers fill over 100 roles that truly build this event to what it is. Aid stations become an oasis for delirious runners. Logistical teams become the silent army of ants working in the background. Sweepers keep the back of the packers company and medics are trail angels.

But more importantly, volunteering at Delirious is an amazing adventure all on its own, knowning you are helping runners achieve these life changing events, is such a validating and heart fulfilling purpose. Whether you can help out for a day, the weekend or the whole week of days, register to volunteer here and we promise you’ll have an incredible time. But be warned, you may be inspired to sign up yourself!!

Oh and all volunteers get a $400 Ultra Series credit and a free Delirious volunteer shirt!!